“The journey has resulted in an extraordinary relationship with this compassionate, knowledgeable, and highly skilled surgeon. I have found it interesting over the years that Peter has retained absolutely the most professional demeanor, along with the utmost objectivity. (Yes, after around fifty appointments and my batches of homemade cookies, we are all on a first-name basis).”
– Dorothy T.

“Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Rubin to anybody with eye issues whether they are rare or common. I fly to Florida whenever I need to see Dr Rubin and it is worth it. After having had such positive results with him, I would not consider seeing another ophthalmologist regardless of where I live.”
– Laura F.

“If you hadn’t been born, Dr. Rubin, I believe I would not have my eye. Thank you for the care you gave me when I was in the hospital. You would focus all of your attention on just me- nobody else. Another thing I appreciate is that you gave me confidence by telling me that I would make it and that I would not lose my eye which made me believe that I would be okay.”
– William B., age 10