Eyelid Experts

What is an Eyelid Expert?

Understanding the nature of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery
The eye area is the focus of social interaction, the windows to the soul, and the source of critical non-verbal communication. What are your eyes saying about you? Are you energized, fatigued, aged, youthful, healthy, sad, happy, alert, interested? The area around the eyes possesses the thinnest skin of the body, shows the earliest signs of aging, and are at greater risk for developing skin cancer. Fortunately, in this era of specialization, there are eyelid experts, devoted exclusively to the appearance and health of the eye area. Where others get squeamish closer to the eye, Dr. Peter Rubin is entering his zone of comfort and expertise. Eyelid specialists, or Ophthalmic Plastic surgeons, have a background in ophthalmology and its advanced microsurgical techniques, additional training in plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques of the eyelids, eye socket (orbit), and tear drainage (lacrimal) system.


The Eye Zone extends from the Forehead down though the Upper Cheek


Familiarity of the surface and underlying anatomy and is essential to achieve the best outcomes in this part of the face. Rooted in thorough understanding of the anatomy, subtle changes associated with aging in the brows, upper lids, lower lids, and cheek; myriad disorders in the eye zone, and numerous potential surgical techniques and other procedures, an eyelid expert is especially suited to address your needs in this area. This combination of ophthalmology and plastic surgery, allows ophthalmic plastic surgeons to achieve the best, most natural, aesthetic outcomes while maintaining the health and safety of the eyes. Following most procedures, the eyes appear more youthful and energetic with incisions well camouflaged into natural skin creases or completely invisible. For a comprehensive evaluation and treatment of functional and aesthetic issues in the eye area, including upper and lower cosmetic eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), neuromodulators (e.g.,Botox®, Xeomin®) and fillers, consider an evaluation by Dr. Peter Rubin.