Eyebrow Lift

Background: The normal position of the eyebrows differs between men and women. In men, the brows are thicker, straighter, normally rest at, or below, the upper rim if the eye socket (orbit). While in women the brows are thinner, more arched, and are positioned above the orbital rim. Descent of the brows contribute to a tired, fatigued appearance. Often the outer brow ( closer to the ear) descends more than the central or inner brow, giving a sad appearance to the eyes. While disproportionate depression of the inner brow results in a more angry appearance.

Evaluation / Treatment: When evaluating the upper portion ( upper lids, brow, and forehead) of the Eye Zone, it is important to consider each of these anatomic zones, and determine their relative contributions, so the appropriate treatment options are considered.

Surgical Options

There are a range of possible solutions to surgically elevate the brow. These can be broadly categorized as solutions that depend upon removal of tissue from camouflaged incisions in the brow, forehead, hairline, or within the scalp or suspensions of the brow through internal sutures or repositioning the foundation of the brow as found in an endoscopic brow lift.

These options, including their goals and limitations will be discussed in greater detail at your evaluation, so you can make the most informed decision regarding management.